A Different Kind Of Fighter.

How often do we go into a dictionary to look up a word, and find that only one meaning is listed next to it? Practically never. Technically, almost every word has a multiple meaning.

Homonyms are words which have the
same spelling and pronunciation, but have different meanings.

When we look at the word  "Fighter" it can also be related to in many different ways , meaning different things. I love what the dictionary says:

FIGHTER  /ˈfīdər/   noun
• a boxer
• one who seeks out and destroys enemy
• one who protects
• a person who fights
• a person with will, courage and determination

Isn't this word awesome? Fearless - is what it really speaks. However, the only thing that truly matters is what it means to you.

How Do YOU Relate To It ?

Beautiful Fighter® was founded with those battling cancer in mind, however it truly extends to anyone who's fighting their own kind of fight, whether it be a personal battle, physical or mental illness, we all have a fight to face.

When it comes to fighting an illness of any kind, the same stands true, nothing is beautiful about it. I've had family and close clients of mine throughout the years affected by various forms of cancer and many different illnesses. They all have had to face their own kind of fight. I've been blessed to be able to work with Beautiful Fighter® clients and patients from as young as 5 years old to as old as 98.  They all have a Fighting Spirit Within them and so do you. They are ALL Beautiful Fighters™.

We have had success in bringing their skin back to balance, showing them how to apply eyebrows when they don't have any, being a critical part of their self care support system and  being there for them throughout their duration of whatever illness they are fighting. Caring and supporting their care givers as well is essential to me, most often times the fight extends beyond the fighter.

At Beautiful Fighter® we go beyond “Beauty".  We Face the Fight Beautifully™
There is definitely a difference.  We show the difference by supporting clients especially young children and teenagers through out their fight by facilitating amazing hydrating and re-balancing facials - paving a positive and therapeutic direction back to balance. We are all different kinds of fighters. Be a Beautiful Fighter™ regardless of what kind of fight you are Facing.

Whether you are getting into the ring to defeat your opponent, or you are battling out an illness, your fight requires you to fight your best, before, during, after and then Fight Beautifully For Life™.

Be a Fighter™, even better, be a "different kind of fighter". The kind that at the end of the day you know not only you have won that day but you also helped someone else Win too.

To All the Fighters with Love,


Delilah Matos, Founder + Compassion Ambassador