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Ahtiana Benway


Hello my name is Ahtiana Benway, and I am a thirteen year old girl from Rhode Island. Starting in the fall of 2018, I will be attending a top private school in Rhode Island as an eighth grader and will be a part of the girls’ basketball team. Although I will be playing for a private school, I still am playing for multiple AAU organizations, as well as taking part in strength training, agility training, basketball drills, conditioning, and boxing all at the same time.

What keeps me dedicated and what pushes me to keep moving forward are my goals and dreams, the dreams of one day receiving a Division 1 basketball scholarship to continue my basketball career and to pursue an education at the same time. A major part in being recognized by elite Division 1 Universities is by competing in showcases and tournaments around the country. Competing in these events would involve a lot of traveling and expenses that can be overwhelmingly expensive. In this sport you never know who could be scouting you at any given time and I would hate to miss out on a life changing opportunity because of lack of funds when it comes to traveling state to state.

Not only would achieving my goals be extremely self-rewarding, it would also help me demonstrate a very powerful message to young women around the world who could be in the same position I am in today or possibly in the near future. A message that will show women through my actions what hard work and determination can lead to. I want to inspire everyone to never give up on their dreams no matter what and to keep fighting until the last round; at the end, the outcome will always be rewarding. 

Thank you,


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