Creator Profile

Delilah Matos, Creator of Beautiful Fighter® Products

Beyond Beauty. Its Beautiful Fighter.

Delilah Matos is a pioneer in the treatment and nourishment of sensitive, healthy aging and health compromised skin care treatments and products. As a licensed Skin Care Professional, she has been actively involved in the professional skincare industry since 2000. Today, she is respected as a prominent skin care therapist, creator, speaker and philanthropist.

Delilah has seen many mainstream trends come and go. She has always opted out of being mainstream, and this is what has made her different and unique from the rest. 

From the early onset of her career she spent many years working with professional skincare brands and laboratories while servicing a wide range of health compromised skin types. In product research and development, Delilah identified a need for high-quality skincare products for extremely sensitive and health comprised skin due to external and internal factors.

Skin affected by chemotherapy. radiation, medication, stress and lack of healthy lifestyle factors became a significant interest in her practice of healthy aging aesthetics and her specific area of study. She continues to pursue the subject and uses her expertise in the creation of the skin care line on a mission: Beautiful Fighter®.

Delilah's inspirational message, through her brand Beautiful Fighter®, has quickly gained recognition. Inspiring those that are battling any illness, such as cancer all the way to young teenage girls who are experiencing low self esteem due to domestic violence issues or abuse. Beautiful Fighter® is Beyond Beauty, it is about Fighting Back Beautifully™.

Delilah works in conjunction with hospitals, cancer center facilities and wellness centers where she has gained extensive experience in the servicing of cancer patients and clients with extremely compromised skin conditions.

The Beautiful Fighter® brand was not only created to bring comprised and sensitive skin back to balance, but it is a message in a bottle. "We are all fighters, we all have our own battles to fight both inside and outside of ourselves." One way Delilah channels her fighting energy is through boxing.  She attends weekly classes and continues her healthy and fit lifestyle... while duking it up with her class mates.