Beautiful Fighter® Workshop

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This workshop is specifically tailored for females that are going through cancer therapy treatment.  At Beautiful Fighter we understand that the journey of cancer treatment can feel like a  " FIGHT" and indeed is one. In this education packed and fun filled workshop we will learn everything from techniques like giving the illusion of having eyelashes, to various ways of covering up skin inconsistencies and blemishes without irritating your skin. Each Female Fighter is provided with a Beautiful Fighter® kit which includes all the core essentials such as but not limited to skin cleanser , facial lotion . lipstick, eye liner, foundations concealer & more.

Education on how to properly take care of your skin while going through cancer therapy, become comfortable with applying the beauty essentials and connect with other females experiencing the " Fight " journey too. 

Beautiful Fighter is making an impact in the lives of those facing cancer by helping Females feel their best, empowering their over-all self confidence and well being throughout their treatment. 

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