Inspire a FIGHTER to Face their Fight Beautifully™
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Do you know a Fighter?  We all do!

We believe that everyone "faces their own kind of fight". Simply put, a Fighter® is someone who is Facing the Fight of LIFE. So, whether the fight is cancer, any illness, hardship, or a life changing event, we understnad that we are all facing something and are all Beautiful Fighters®.

Gifting a FIGHTER'S BOX to someone will remind them that they Are a Beautiful Fighter®.  We all need a reminder to face the fight of life with IMPACT and with punching power! 

A perfect reason to ship out a FIGHTER'S BOX.

And Hey!

Who is to say that it needs to be for any reason at all? You may simply wish to bring a smile to someone's day.

Our FIGHTER'S BOX is filled with inspirational items that will have a positive Impact for your Beautiful Fighter® friend that you select to ship it to. Sending a surprise FIGHTER'S BOX is certain to make someone's day maybe even their entire week.

Add a FIGHTER'S BOX to your cart and let us know who and where you want to send it in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS AREA at checkout. 

It is that easy.

Inspire a FIGHTER today !


Recognize a FIGHTER. Send them a FIGHTER'S BOX.