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Jamelia “Tsunami” Carr

  • Team USA Boxing Athlete

  • Elite Ranked USA Boxing Champion

  • Team USA Nationalist, Featherweight

  • 3 Time Golden Gloves Champion

  • 2020 Olympic Hopeful 

Single mother of two boys, college credits, youth director for Calvert family investment center (NRHA-Norfolk Redevelopment Housing Authority).

I also homeschool so that it makes training a lot more convenient. Homeschooling has been the best choice so far in my boys mental and physical growth. I set the example I’d love for them to display as they get older and I’m looking to opening up doors for them as I journey my way to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

I’ve won three Golden Gloves, ranked Top 10 twice in the nation and I’m looking to grow more and more entering these big tournaments like the eastern qualifiers recently and seeing so many female boxers is just a blessing to see considering where we all started.

I love what I do and I encourage EVERYONE to do what they love and always believe that you was meant for it and it was meant for you. If you make that a lifestyle you’ll never work a day in your life.

I was born may 9, in New Bern, NC and now reside in Norfolk, VA for about 16 years now on and off. Graduate of Lake Taylor high 2010 and my first love has always been SPALDIN (Basketball).

I carried three teams to a National Championships, one was in middle school, high school and AAU - We placed 21 in the world.

So, I’ve always been very active, I eat healthy and live a very clean life, I am always looking to help someone, because there’s always someone out there who need help. YOU ARE IMPORTANT ‼️

Jameliah “Tsunami” Carr

Jameliah “Tsunami” Carr

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