Help Give Women, Children & Teens a Fighting Chance. 


At Fighter®, giving back is a core part of what we do.

We create opportunities for women, teens and children to learn self-defense skills, while building or rebuilding their self-esteem/confidence. Your contribution to this great cause makes a big difference.

Fighting for Brighter Futures™ supports and empowers women, teens and young adults toward leading healthy, positive, productive lives and brighter futures.

We achieve this by your generous contributions.

As thanks, online donors will receive $5 OFF (via email) their first order at beautifulfighter.com. It is our social responsibility to inform you that we are currently awaiting tax exempt status. We appreciate your voluntary contribution to this special cause.

Giving Back

 Fighting For Brighter Futures™

Fighting For Brighter Futures™

We see giving as one of the key foundations of our business. We donate time, resources and products to non-profit cancer organizations, hospitals and caregivers. We also support organizations for domestic violence, abuse, as well as women and children nationwide. We are committed to helping in any way we can.

Fighting for Brighter Futures™ offers a way for like-minded charities to raise funds while helping to spread valuable information and inspirational powerful messages. We are always looking for opportunities to work with others dedicated to helping people Fight Back Beautifully™.

Do you know a charity or non-profit that might be interested in working with Fighting for Brighter Futures? If so, please send an email to introduce us to your charity.

Email us directly at: hello@beautifulfighter.com