Oncology Skin Care


Through the study of healthy aging and oncology aesthetics, we realize that one size does not fit all. At Beautiful Fighter®, we take the guesswork out for you. Whether you are undergoing cancer treatment or dealing with sensitive skin our safe, gentle, clinically-proven line of Fighter® products will restore and re-balance your skin while providing gentle soothing, restorative results.

We understand that each of us has our own fight to face. That is why we support you to Face it Beautifully™ using Fighter® Products.

Our Products are designed to minimize the side effects and skin sensitivities often caused by environmental factors such as stress, cancer therapy treatments or a less than perfect lifestyle. We provide safe, gentle and integrative skin care, cosmetics and products that support you on your journey.


Skin Care During & After Cancer Treatment

Skin care needs of those undergoing cancer treatment are absolutely unique. It’s essential to utilize products and facial services that are designed specifically for patients undergoing cancer therapy or post cancer treatment.

About Beautiful Fighter® Facials and Products

Beautiful Fighter Facials and products offer therapeutic solutions that address the unique skin care concerns of cancer patients caused by treatments such as, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These include issues like acne, rashes, uneven complexion and burns. These side effects often can have significant negative effects on patients self-esteem and sense of well being. Caring for the skin can be an important step in restoring not only the patient’s physical appearance but also boosting emotional health.

Oncology Friendly Skin Care

Fighter® products were created to help those with health challenged skin or those experiencing the side effects from environmental factors. Our products focus on gentle cleansing, hydration, restoration and protection. The results our customers experience speak for themselves.   <READ MORE>

Beautiful Fighter® = Skin Care On A Mission

We created Fighter® Products specifically for the unique needs of people with the most compromised skin coupled with our inspirational message of Fighting Back Beautifully™.  Whether you are undergoing cancer treatment, dealing with sensitive skin issues due to medications, stress, or environmental factors, our safe, gentle, clinically-proven line of skincare is an essential part of your daily regimen.

What We Do

Fighter® develops clinically-proven skin care products and treatments that soothe and relieve the effects of radiation, chemotherapy, and daily stress that the skin can react to, creating a wide range of skin sensitivities. At Fighter®, we believe in the power of feeling beautiful and Face it Beautifully™.

Beyond Beauty

We are dedicated to developing skin care products that help individuals feel better, both physically and emotionally. We believe that emotional well-being is tied to physical well-being, and how you feel about yourself starts from within and with your skin. This belief is the foundation for our Face it Beautifully™ mission.


We believe that quality products and their results come from quality ingredients and botanical extracts. That is why Fighter® combines the less is more rule and selects innovative, sustainable, natural ingredients to formulate our products.

Eco-Responsible Approach

Fighter® upholds an Eco-responsible approach from beginning concept to end product. We carefully select manufacturing partners who share our values and social conscious business practices. From ingredients to packaging and everything in between.

What We Believe

We believe in safety first. It is important to us that we deliver products that are gentle and specifically made for the most sensitive skin.

We believe in providing quality products. Fighter® opts out of spending endless time and money on fancy packaging and savvy marketing campaigns. Our time, effort and cost is spent on the selection of our quality formulas, not on the containers or advertising.

We believe in being responsive to the needs of our customers. We respect and value your privacy and choose to opt out of a social media main stream presence. At Fighter®, we believe in communicating directly with you our valuable customer.

We believe in inspiring people feel better emotionally while providing products that deliver gentle, restorative, soothing results. We believe in giving. Giving products, time and resources that can help you help yourself.

Our Promise To You

Fighter® formulates quality products to help improve the lives of those affected by chemotherapy, radiation, stress, healthy comprised skin and the negative side effects of environmental factors.

Our formulas are gentle, containing ingredients that are specially selected for even the most sensitive skin.

We support oncology nurses, doctors and cancer centers that help people with cancer, where we align ourselves with others that offer supportive care to those affected by cancer.