Winning Results Through Clinical Trials

Beautiful Fighter® products were created to help those with sensitive skin, aging skin and skin experiencing side effects from environmental factors or cancer therapy treatments. Our products focus on gentle cleansing, hydration, restoration and protection.

Beautiful Fighter® does not back down easy. We know, as a Fighter, neither do you. That is why we help you win every round of the fight. Our products are created with winning results in mind. We keep things simple. There are no complicated systems or protocols to follow.

Our products are formulated with the right combinations - giving you the punching power you need to achieve winning results for balanced, healthy, beautiful skin.

Share your story with us. we would love to hear how Fighter® has made a difference for you.

All clinical trail photos are untouched and in original origin. We do not require Photoshop® or retouching.


A. 12 Week Clinical Trial
Female / Age: 62


• Surface dehydration
• Visible pigmentation
• Uneven skin texture

AFTER: 12 Weeks
• Increase in skin hydration
• Skin texture significantly smoother
• Pigmentation decreased

B. 8 Week Clinical Trial
Female / Age 19


• Acne/Rash Induced Inflammation
• Dehydration visible on cheek area

AFTER: 8 weeks
• Decrease in Inflammation
• Reduction in acne/rash side effects
• Increase in hydration



C. 3 Week Clinical Trial
Male / Age 14


• Inflammation/Burn
• Ultra Sensitive
• Swelling

AFTER: 3 Weeks
• Increased in over all skin repair
• Reduction in inflammation
• Decreased swelling

D. 9 Week Clinical Trial
Female / Age 47


• Surface dehydration
• Swelling
• Uneven skin texture & tone

AFTER: 9 Weeks
• Decreased swelling
• Overall skin texture improvement
• Hydration level increased


Face the Fight Beautifully™