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Shelly Barnett


My #1 purpose is to inspire and show by actions that one can achieve anything they put their mind to. When I started boxing I went through some struggles and 100 pound weight loss! I was deemed the lovable loser and people laughed at the fact I had dreams of becoming a famous boxer.

My friends and family supported me through nail biting losses at the beginning of my amateur career because they wanted to support me but were worried. Time went on I met the right team to support, believe, and help push me to my true potential. I lost both my parents to cancer and both fought very tough battles and were true warriors. Both seen potential in me and were very proud. When I step in the ring to fight I’m fighting to honor my parents.

Everybody has their own battles and whatever they are I urge you to fight for what you want because it is achievable. I am now undefeated as a professional and the national champion of Canada. I am honored and proud to have gained enough experience to become a role model ❤️

Shelly Barnett

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