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Sierra "Superfly" Martinez

Sierra Martinez started boxing in 2014 at Balletto’s Boxing Gym. She is a 4x Junior Olympic Champion from Region1 New England.

  • 2017 Silver Gloves Champion

  • 2015 King of the Jungle Alberta Canada

  • 2016 New York Classic Champion

  • 2017 Rumble in the Valley Champion

  • 2017 Cinco De Mayo Champion

  • 2018 Hometown Heroes National Champion

  • 2018 Cinco de Mayo Champion 2018 Governors Cup Champion

  • 2018 Floyd Patterson Classic Champion

  • 2018 Willie Pep Classic

  • 2016 W.B.C. Most Outstanding Boxer Atlantic City Leavander Johnson Tournament
    Outstanding Boxer

  • 2018 Lugo Tournament 2018 Most Outstanding Boxer Governors Cup 

  • 2018 Bout of the Year Award I. B. F.

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